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5 Benefits of Exercising in Water

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Happy active fitness people doing exercise with aqua dumbbell in a swimming pool

Pool Workouts: A Great way to Lose Weight Build Muscle and Have Fun

Water workouts in a pool are an excellent way to stay in shape and can help rehabilitate an existing injury.  Water provides the resistance needed to build muscle and the flexibility necessary for allowing greater range of motion to inhibit joint pain or joint re-injury.

Water exercising is beneficial to your heart by enabling the heart to work more efficiently.  The hydrostatic pressure of water helps the heart to circulate blood.  Also, your heart rate is about 10-15 beats lower per minute during water excercise than for the same effort applied on land.

Water workouts are a great way to burn extra calories and lose weight. Water resistance exercises burn more calories than land based workouts.  Water has more resistance than air and requires more effort which can enable the body to easily burn more calories and lose a higher percentage of body fat than comparable land workouts.

Get your swimwear on and get in the pool to get a great workout, lose extra weight, and sculpt your body


Using pools and water as a means of exercise can be very beneficial to your body and your workout routine.  We’ll get into that later, but first let’s start with the benefits of water.

Benefit #1: Buoyancy

Buoyancy is defined as “the upward thrust exerted by water on a body that is completely or partially immersed.” Water acts as a cushion for your weight-bearing joints. This is great for preventing or rehabbing an injury.

Benefit #2: Hydrostatic Pressure

Water acts almost like an elastic bandage, assisting in improved blood and fluid flow, this decreasing swelling and fluid retention.

Benefit #3: Analgesia

That’s right, water can help reduce pain! It helps to de-sensitize us from pain.

Benefit #4: Resistance

Water is a natural, multidimensional training machine that can be instantly adjustable. Simply by pushing or pulling harder, more resistance is achieved.

Benefit #5: Joint Loading and Unloading

Using shallow water and reduced load on the the joints can allow individuals to exercise more intensity without extra wear and tear on the joints, or as a stepping stone to return to full activity on land. Deep water, or fully unloaded exercise is great for strengthening core and improving posture.

Cross Training in the Water

If you have access to a deep water pool, try water running.  Using a flotation belt to keep you suspended, you can effectively cross train and maintain your running without the impact and wear and tear on your knees and feet.

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